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2015 is open

Applications for March, May & July 2015 courses are here

What’s it all about?

The immersion

21 students, mentors & teachers with 3 weeks to launch real world projects & transform careers.


University can’t keep up with new tech + business


Real working life happens on social terms


Learning shouldn’t stop when education does.


love for ’14

“The project I pitched at GSD is now the business I run every day.” - Trang Du, GSD student,

“I hired three students from the 2014 course. They’re killing it!” - Ant Gaddy, GSD teacher, Green Ant Marketing

“GSD set off a chain of events that is continually improving my life.” - Aimee, GSD student.


March, May & July, 2015 Applications close end of January.

3 weeks of transformation

Workshopping & project building


Personal mentoring & support


Support for good health & well-being


Pitch & launch real-world projects


The experts we bring are direct, no-bullshit & do real big things.

Simon Griffiths

Who Gives a Crap

James Noble

Carter Digital

Alex ‘Skud’ Bayley


Monique Conheady




Think you've got what it takes to teach our students?
Apply to teach over here.


Here’s just some of the people we’ve had as amazing mentors and teachers in our last course.

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Think you've got what it takes to mentor our students?
Apply to mentor over here.

+21 students

If you're a corporate escapee (or want to be), a young professional with no clear career path or you have a big idea and no idea how to execute, this course is for you.


Intense learning, supportive mentoring & lots of coffee

Morning immersions

Every week starts with structured workshops

Eat food together

Decompress and catch up over communal food

Project time

Most days are spent building real businesses

Late-night access

Go as hard as you want, you insomniac you

Surprises and fun

Special guests, parties and surprises. No telling.

Real outcomes

Real world learning, real-world opportunity

Incubator Roadmap

Our students have gone on to incubators and pitch for ongoing funding.

Mentor support

Our mentors keep you going in the long term. Relationships that last.

Travel options

We’re launching a South East Asian social enterprise extension in 2015!

Ongoing learning

We help. Think General Assembly & The Unreasonable Institute.

Practical networks

GSD students have gone on to both paid and internships positions.


Q: How much?

A: Around $2.5K per successful applicant (this price may change a little course-by-course).

Q: How do students apply?

A: We’ll ask you a bunch of difficult questions via email after you sign up below.

Q: The cost covers everything?

A: Everything but food, which is often managed collaboratively.

Q: Where is the course?

A: Inner Melbourne.

Q: Are there age restrictions?

A: No. We quite deliberately want as much diversity in age, gender, background and character we can get. Just like real life.

If you're at a crossroads in life and aren’t sure what's next, join us.

Q: Can i do the course part-time?

A: Nope, it's a full-time intensive course - see the schedule above! If you're selected, you'll have to block out the entire 3 weeks (including the weekends leading in / out).

Q: Will we be writing code?

A: No. This isn’t a tech course. That said, a lot of our mentors work at startups and we will apply a lean approach to a lot of the content

A core chunk of the course is about technology, as the knowledge economy requires it.

Q: Is it just the 3 weeks?

A: Not quite. There’s stuff in the lead up and wind down, plus ongoing support from students and mentors after you leave the course proper.

Q: I have more questions!

A: Ping directly.

Be a student

Currently taking applications for March, May and July 2015

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