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In 4 weeks we skill up a team of rookies to be industry-ready. No books. No tests. Expert mentoring. Get in, skill up and kick the industry in the face.

Meet 30 business, design, tech and social enterprise minds, to learn how to build an inspired career from the ground up.

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Work is changing

When side projects are the new resume and university can't keep up, people are shifting careers faster than ever before...

This guy gets it (grab some headphones)

The New

A small team from Fitzroy, Australia, dream up a new education format

We help people shift their careers in 4 weeks.

No books. No tests. Nothing to get in the way of getting shit actually done. Get in, skill up and kick the industry in the face.


University can’t keep up with new tech + business


Real working life happens on social terms


Smart businesses are tired of re-skilling new workers


More importantly

Let’s teach people how to work on ideas that don’t even exist yet


The 4-week programme

2 days of inspiration27th + 28th January

Talks and inspiration


Mentor matching


Teams formed


Projects started

3 weeks of learning29th January - 18th February

Design & branding


Technology & code


Business & money


Social entrepreneurship


Health & well-being

3 days of proof19th - 21st February

Pitches to our panel


Mentor funding


Internship options


Measurement starts...

5 Experts

Industry heavyweights teaching with truly expert knowledge

Simon Griffiths

~ on ~Social enterprise



~ on ~Business

James Noble

~ on ~Design & branding


Alex ‘Skud’ Bayley

~ on ~Technology


Aaron Matheson

~ on ~Health & wellbeing

Tobias Andersson

On breaking whole industries

If we hit crowd-funding goals we’ll fly down from Sweden this writer, speaker, activist and co-founder / ex-spokesman of The Pirate Bay. He'll teach us that “If your pitch doesn't end with ‘and the cops can't do shit’, your startup idea sucks.”

+25 Mentors

Running projects, building businesses & getting shit actually done

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Think you've got what it takes to mentor our students to success?
Touch base with

+25 students

You need to be 18 or over, have $1K for the ticket & be free for February 2014.

If you're a corporate escapee (or want to be), a young professional with no clear career path or someone with a big idea and no idea how to execute, this course is for you.

Get amongst it

Course Format

Intense learning, supportive mentoring & lots of coffee

Morning classes

9am ~ 1pmOne of the 5 experts fill our students' brains with the good stuff

Communal Lunch

1pm ~ 2pmCommunal relaxing and catching up over food (Free food if we hit our crowd-funding goal)

Project time!

2pm ~ 6pmTeams of five students, with a selection of mentors

Dinner for everyone

6pm onwardsShared food and digesting the day's work (Free food if we hit our crowd-funding goal)

Surprises and fun

Every few daysWe’ll have special guests covering niche topics

Expected outcomes

Real world learning, real-world opportunity

Venture Funding

Our panel will provide pitch opportunities for ongoing funds and support

Mentor support

Our mentor group may pitch in to fund a 6 month runway for one team

Internship options

Relationships with our mentors' companies and recruiters opens up new career options

Ongoing learning

After helping students find their path, we'll help with ongoing learning and mentoring

Networks & people

Pitch night, special guests and more killer networking options


Q: How much, and when?

A: $1K per successful applicant. We start on the 27th of January, going through to the end of February.

Q: How do students apply?

A: We're running an entry event, which involves being interviewed by our mentors on the 16th of December.

Get amongst it!

Q: $1K covers everything?

A: Not quite. We'll also run some crowd-funding early 2014 to cover some extra cool stuff, like filming course content, hiring extra staff + experts, and building web collateral.

Q: Where is the course?

A: It will be run within inner Melbourne.

If it all works to plan, we'll be able to roll out 10 courses per year in multiple locations, ongoing indefinitely.

Q: ​Q: How will you prove it works?

A: We'll run an impact evaluation, both short and long term, comparing our students to a control group, before and after the course. We'll also keep tabs on students over a 3 and 6 month period to evaluate the real-world effects. Are students happy, making money, running projects and making the world better? We want real-world outcomes.

Q: How can I make sure I'm chosen for the first round?

A: You can't. Those of you who don’t make it into the first course will still get access to all the course material and reading lists, as well as early access to video content and future courses.

When this pilot is done, our first step to scale is to run multiple courses per building, per year. We’re really excited to scale within Australia to other areas, including modified courses for at-risk young people, older folks on redundancy who need re-skilling and people struggling with unemployment.

Q: What if I can't afford the entry fee?

A: Thus begins the first lesson in entrepreneurship. You're going to have to raise it somehow, as we're unable to offer scholarships or financial assistance at this time. Consider it your first challenge: If you can fundraise $1000 you've probably got what it takes to make it through the full course!

Q: Is there an age restriction?

A: Precisely the opposite. We quite deliberately want as much diversity in age, gender, background and character we can get. Just like real life.

If you're at a crossroads in life and aren't sure what's next, this is the course for you.

Q: What's the interview process?

A: You'll have time with one of our mentors to chat about your life, where you're headed and what you want to be. It will be much less formal than any job interview.

If you can't be in Melbourne for the interview, we'll arrange a Skype interview.

Q: Can i do the course part-time?

A: Nope, it's a full-time intensive course - see the schedule above! If you're selected, you'll have to block out the entire month of February to commit to this.

Q: Is it okay if I can't make it to lunch or dinner during the course?

A: Yep! Food is optional but recommended. That said, we expect some of the best learning to happen during informal chats over food.

Q: Dietary issues: Will you cater to me or do I bring my own food?

A: We'll sort you out. Eating is important, just let us know and we'll make sure you're covered. Halal, vegan, coeliac, allergies? All no problem.

Q: Will I get any qualifications or accreditations?

A: You won't get a paper certificate, if that's what you're asking. We are in talks with Swinburne university to get credit for the course, but we expect the whole ‘get an actual job’ thing will more than make up for the lack of a formal qualification.

Q: I don't have any work experience. Can I still come?

A: Very yes. We expect course content to be suitable for people who are ready for a normal university.

By the same token, we don't discriminate against having prior experience. As with age and gender, we want a solid mix of people.

Q: What are the selection criteria for students?

A: There aren't any. You get interviewed by a mentor who feels out if you have what it takes. We are supportive of introverts, can deal with the extroverts and will very deliberately make sure we end up with a mix of personality types in the course. Everyone will have that unifying desire to get shit done.

Q: Do I need to know how to code?

A: No code experience necessary. That said, some of our mentors work at startups, we will apply a lean approach to most of the content, and 1/5th of the course is about technology. The knowledge economy requires it.

Q: Is there any recognition of prior learning?

A: Nope. Prior life experience denotes where you are headed and what you want out of life.

We only care that you're ready and hyped to get shit done.

Q: Is it just the 4 weeks?

A: Our experts will give provide reading and activity material in the month leading up and we'll be helping with outgoing learning. How much work you do before and after is up to you.

Ping with any questions that aren't answered here...

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